Case Study of Youth Actions: Gymnasium Stavros School, Cyprus

Who are global citizens and how do young global citizens make a difference?

Introducing Global Citizens

We live in a world where our lives increasingly affect the lives of other people living in countries and places far away from our own homes. So the choices we make and the lives we lead have a global impact.

The global citizen is aware of these global connections and is prepared to take action to make the world better or fairer for all its inhabitants.

The next section summarises some actions done by young global citizens in Europe. What will you do to make a difference?

Case Studies of Youth Actions

When looking at these case studies please think about the following questions:

  • What elements of the “learn-think-act” approach did each group use?
  • Who were the targets of the “action” in each case?
  • What sort of positive impacts did the project have?
  • What do you think made each example successful?

Gymnasium Stavros School, Cyprus

On the 8th May 2015, 25 students from the Youth Ambassador group of Gymnasium Stavros school in Cyprus celebrated the “World Red Cross Day” by organising an event in their school to raise awareness of the broken food system and the impact of climate change.

The Youth Ambassadors worked hard for several weeks on learning about climate change and Food. They watched videos on the subject with their teacher and discussed them together. They then thought about what actions they could take and decided to organise a charity bazaar to promote the climate change and food issues to the rest of their school. They prepared some information-giving posters with photos and pictures and they designed t-shirts that they wore at the event. The slogan for their action was “Taste it don’t waste it! The Earth can feed us all!”. In their Home Economics class, they also learned to bake cookies and cakes which they then sold at the event (to their teachers and other students during their school breaks). The money that was raised was donated to the Cyprus Red Cross.

During the evaluation both students and teachers said they were very excited in organising the youth actions. Students said their participation in the project was very important to them and the rest of the school. They had the opportunity to learn more on issues and problems that other people in the world are facing, like floods, earthquakes, and other kinds of disasters. They also gained experiences on organising events and actions, which they never did before, to help address these problems. They all said they would be confident about getting involved in similar activities in the future which they would organise independently.

YAG raising awareness for “World Red Cross Day”

YAG’ posters on the Broken Food System & the Climate Change

YAG’ posters on the Broken Food System & the Climate Change

Member of the YAG wearing the t-shirt that they have designed