It was wonderful time! – National Multiplier Event in Poland

At the “Schools for Future Youth” Conference teachers, young people and activists who are want to have influence on future world met to learn, discuss and take action!

Between 6 - 8th April in Cracow Polish Humanitarian Action held their Conference about Schools for Future Youth, which summed up three years of running the project in polish secondary schools. Similar events have been organizing in the United Kingdom, Italy and Cyprus. In Poland the Project is being managed by Polish Humanitarian Action.
The day started with a Fair Train Game which was organized by youth and teachers from Zespół Szkół Gastronomicznych nr 1 school in Cracow. They spent a lot of time preparing 7 ‘stations’, checkpoints which are visited by students to learn about global issues. Key information was distributed from the SFYouth to support the learning process.
The next day, we ran a series of workshops for both teachers and youth. Both groups worked separately. While the young people were thinking about their values, the teachers worked together to develop their own skills to encourage team working amongst their students during extracurricular classes.
On the third and final day, all participants started the day with thinking about their own strengths and how they can complement one another. Who are good public speakers? Who has an aptitude for writing? The final phase of the conference was set aside for teachers and students to work in their school groups. Each school had to prepare an Action Plan during a “Machine of Ideas” session. We are keeping all our fingers crossed for each of their actions and hope that you will hear about it when the schools open again in Autumn!

All pictures were made by Agnieszka Serwadczak/PAH/April 2017