Schools for Future Youth Toolkit

Find out what is in store for teachers and young people with the range of resources available through the Schools for Future Youth Toolkit!

Welcome to the Schools for Future Youth Toolkit! This is a place where teachers and young people from all over Europe (and the rest of the world) can come and collaborate, exchange ideas, learn about global issues and become inspired to take action as active and engaged citizens.

  • Learn more about the theory and implementation of global citizenship education to deepen your teaching practice with practical classroom activities, or to just find out what global citizenship means!
  • Find out how to set up a Youth Ambassador Group to work together with other like minded young people to take action on global issues.
  • Explore a range of global issues including topics such as climate change, inequality and refugees. There are lots of workshops, films, critical thinking activities and action guides to choose from to get you inspired!
  • Think you could use a few more collaborative and practical Skills? We have 15 short activities to develop young people’s skills like public speaking and critical thinking.
  • Interesting in finding out more beyond our website? Visit the Useful Links page to take your learning and knowledge to the next level.
  • Teachers! All of the content online is available to view and download free of charge. If you or your students would like to participate in the discussions on the youth wall – an international networking space, please Register here and complete a Student Registration form once you’re signed in to your account.
To access your wall & activities use the SFYouth app for Android. Please have in mind that the SFYouth app has significant differences from the online version of the SFYouth toolkit

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