Think Critically about Climate Change

This activity has been designed to help young people think critically about the topic of climate change.


This activity requires young people to view the short film ‘Simon Pegg: What does coal have to do with hunger?’. Young people identify the impact on the environment of using fossil fuels like coal, compare and contrast the effectiveness of encountering information in a film and an infographic, and conduct an interview to discover what their friends and family know and understand about climate change.KeywordClimate change, greenhouse gases.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify information on the impact of coal on climate change.
  • Explore climate change and start to consider its origin and impact.
  • Conduct an interview to discover what others understand about climate change.
Key Words

Climate change, greenhouse gases.

Teachers notes

Over the last hundred years or so, the Earth’s climate has become warmer. Most scientists believe that this warming is largely a result of increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Whilst these gases are present naturally in the air, human activities have increased the amount of these gases, mainly through burning huge amounts of fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil which releases lots of carbon dioxide.

  1. Watch the film and then watch it again, this time noting down key information highlighted in the film.
  2. Examine the infographic below and compare the information to notes made whilst watching the film. Compare and contrast the two different forms of data and consider the effectiveness of these different ways of conveying information on coal and climate change.
  3. Now think about these questions:
    • Who is responsible for climate change?
    • Who is being impacted?
    • How are they being impacted?
    • What can be done?
  4. Interview a friend or relative asking the questions below:
    • What are the causes of climate change?
    • How does climate change affect the world?
    • What can you do to reduce climate change?
    • Have you ever heard of greener solutions? If yes, could you provide some?

How does the information compare to what you already know? Do you agree or disagree with what you have heard? Why? You can use the voice recorder of your digital device and share the findings of your interview on the Youth Wall or with peers in your school.