Education for All

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2 Girls Born On The Same Day (2’ 25”) film:

Education for All

In 2015 there were 781 million adults around the world who could not read or write and 263 million children and youth who were not in primary or secondary school.

Yet global goals promise education for all. The fact that so many children and adults remain uneducated in the 21st century is proof of the significant barriers that block access to school. This issue page explores many of these barriers in greater depth and asks young people to prioritise how to ensure education for all.

Education is important for many reasons. It is enshrined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Education benefits both individuals who are educated and the wider society they belong to. Begin by watching the film ‘2 girls born on the same day’ and discuss the benefits of education.

Education for All Quiz

Here is a quiz to find out about issues of education globally and within Europe.