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Coldplay – In My Place (acoustic version) (5’ 00”):


There is enough food on the planet to feed everyone. However, one out of nine people suffers from hunger and the majority are working to grow and produce food themselves.

Inequalities in access to food have risen due to a large number of factors. The food trading system means millions of individual small-scale farmers cannot compete with industrialized farming methods. Rising and fluctuating food prices mean even farmers cannot afford to buy food to supplement what they grow. Government funding often goes to very large farm businesses and small scale farmers face the additional problem of ‘land grabs’ (where land is taken away by more powerful businesses or governments). Conflict and climate change are also driving people from their land. As a result, the number of people who do not have enough to eat is growing.

Watch Oxfam’s video of Coldplay’s ‘In My Place’ released as part of the campaign against land grabs.

  • How effective do you think music and videos are in encouraging people to participate in a campaign?
  • Does the video give you any ideas for how you could make your own campaign video about food?

Food Quiz

Here is a quiz to find out about issues of food globally.