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Even It Up EN from SFYouth Project on Vimeo.

Oxfam’s Even It Up: The Rich and the Rest Film:


How fair is the world? How fair is the society you live in?

One way of thinking about how fair our societies are is by looking at ‘inequality’. Inequality is a way of measuring how equally a society shares things like money. So, for example, in a completely equal society everyone would have the same amount of money. In an unequal society some people would have much more money than others.

Of course no society is completely equal. But is inequality growing? And if inequality is growing, does it matter?

Watch the video Even It Up; the Rich and the Rest (2’ 58”).

  1. How does the film say inequality has been changing?
  2. Is this change good or bad for people who are living in poverty?
  3. Why is inequality changing? What is making it change?
  4. Is inequality unavoidable?
  5. How can inequality be reduced?

Inequality Quiz

Here is a quiz to find out about issues of inequalities globally and within Europe.

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