Humanitarian Aid

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Photo: Maciej Moskwa/TESTIGO
Documentary/Idlib province, Syria, 2013

Humanitarian Aid

Millions of people are forced to leave their homes every year because of war and natural disasters. They risk losing their lives and being separated from their families.

In Syria over 11 million people have been forced to leave their homes, some fleeing the country, others (over 6 million) seeking refuge in other parts of Syria1.

The consequences of natural disasters can last for many years. For example, the Nepal earthquake in April 2015 killed over 9,000 people and it will take many years to rebuild the buildings and infrastructure that were destroyed.

Residents of affected areas often hope for support from their government and local organisations. Unfortunately, governments and local organisations may not always be able to meet their needs, which is when the international community, including UN agencies and humanitarian organisations, take action

  • Do you know what a humanitarian crisis is?
  • Could you name the three biggest natural disasters and armed conflicts in the last three years? What do you think what was the main challenge for the people who were injured in those catastrophes?
  • Do you know any charities, NGOs or UN agencies based in your country that provide humanitarian aid? How could you get involved?

Humanitarian Aid Quiz

Here is a quiz to find out about issues of humanitarian aid globally and in Europe.

1 All statistics sourced from PAH’s 2015 report ‘Humanitarian Aid and Humanitarian Crises in a nutshell’