Skills for Action

What skills do you need to take action?

Taking Action

Taking action is all about:
  • Understanding an issue
  • and planning
  • to do something
  • that leads to a change you want to see.
Taking successful action requires skills. After all, nothing ever happens without people knowing what to do and how to do it.

An Activity to Get You Started

Photo: John McLaverty/Oxfam
Look at this example:
This group researched how much the price of basic foods, such as corn and peanuts, had risen during the previous year. They searched for food costumes to wear so passers-by in the street would notice them and be curious. They prepared snacks to hand out so passers-by would stop and talk. They prepared what to say to people about the impact of rising food prices on people in poverty so they could successfully make people more aware of the issue.
List the skills this group required to hold a successful action.