Using Your Voice

What does using your voice mean?
How can your voice help to make a difference?

What is using your voice?

Credit: John McLaverty OxfamGB
Using your voice means having a say about the things you care about.
What you do, who you target and how you do it all depend on what it is you’re trying to change.
Therefore, think about:
do I want to change?
Every campaign needs a clear aim. Therefore be clear about what it is you want to change.
can make that change happen?
Next think about your ‘target’ – the person, people, institution or company who can make change happen.
You may have a primary target, a person who can make change happen – for example, the Prime Minister or a company director.
Or you may have a secondary target, someone who can take up the issue on your behalf or provide support – for example, your MP or members of the public who sign your petition.
can I help to bring about the change I want to see?
Next you need to decide what to do to bring about change. What you do should be:
Appropriate - for example, how you speak to your MP will be different to how you speak to young people.
Achievable - it should be something you can actually achieve with the time and resources available, and something to which your target is likely to respond to positively.

Taking action on a campaign

Identify who your target(s) would be and one action you would take for the following campaigns:
  Target Why?
To have better recycling facilities in my home town or region.    
To ensure that every child in the world goes to school.    
To have an end-of-term trip to the seaside before the summer holiday.    

Campaign actions – Who and Why?

Here are four different campaign actions. Who do you think might be the target(s) of each action and why? Place one choice from the list below, in each box in the ‘Who’ column of the table underneath. Then write ‘Why’ you think this action is most appropriate.
  1. The elected representatives, workers and members of the public who visit the local town hall every day
  2. People in a busy street who you would like to sign your petition
  3. Teenagers who you would like to make more aware of an issue
  4. Members of the UK Parliament
  Who? Why?
Make a formal speech?
Credit: John McLaverty Oxfam GB
Speak with the public dressed in food costumes
Credit: John McLaverty Oxfam GB
Make a display
Credit: John McLaverty Oxfam GB
Put on a performance
Credit: Lady Eleanor Holles School